Back in the creative zone


after our tour with Rage we haven’t been idle.

Right after the end of the tour we retreated into the creative zone.
The songwriting for our next album is in full swing. We’ve planned to release the album next year.
There are a lot of things planned for that.

But of course that’s not all.

There are still new songs planned for this year, which will again be produced by Oliver Palotai.
Oliver will also be the composer for one of the songs.

For another song we are very happy to be working again with our Duchess of Keys, Moran Magal.

So much for the upcoming things from Dying Phoenix.

We hope to be able to announce more concert dates soon and, above all, when we will release the songs.

Keep an eye on our social media, as soon as everything is clear, we will announce this news quickly.

Rock On!!!